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Woken by the Lord at 6.30am 24th February 2008. Word was given out in Church (morning service) that day.

"I am the God of the broken hearted, the God of the lost and the low.

You are my children and I see your pains, loss, and heartache; come into My Presence and let Me heal you.

I want a family of healed, strong children. I want to be your Father. I want to see you free and dancing with joy. As you rejoice you will touch the world around you.

Your peace will bring quiet to troubled hearts, your love will bring hope to the hopeless and rejoicing to the joyless.

I am the God of the Fatherless. Let Me touch you, so your blessing will draw more of My lost children to Me.

For there is going to be a time of great loss and despair in this land. The things people put their trust in will fall away like leaves on Autumn trees; they will feel exposed and afraid, running like frightened sheep, looking for somewhere to hide.

I want you to bring them to Me. I am their Rock, their hope and peace. This work I have for you will save many lives, and will pull people back from the brink of destruction. I am calling my church to become an army of love. There is so much to do and to do the job well you need to be equipped, obedient and close to Me to hear My voice. Do not go searching for good things to do in your own strength; I will show you. I have a command strategy, a plan. Remain close to me and listen for My instructions. I will guide you.

I love you and appreciate your willingness to obey Me. When things get busy and it seems like there is nowhere to rest, I will be your Sanctuary. I will reward you with blessings beyond anything you can imagine. I understand how much I am demanding of you and want you to know that you can never out-give Me. I will give you strength when you are weary, and when it feels like you have impossible mountains to climb, you will find that you have reached the summits in My strength.

Remain close to My word and in My presence constantly and I will take care of everything."

Source: Lizzie Manley

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