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Christian Flash Movies Created By Christians Around The World

Macromedia Flash Player needed to view content of this page. Select this link to download free the Macromedia Flash Player (219k file size). As the following presentations are multi-media they take a minute or two to download, but are worth the wait!
Hey! - the movie It starts with an apple.....
Broken Hearted Offering comfort for the bereaved
The Greatest Gift It Comes From God   new addition
Jesus Christ He offers life
The man who split time BC/AD
The story of Creation The Bible story brought to life
A Walk To The Cross The crucifixion of Jesus
Teenage Tips Advice on love
An interview with God Take your seat and listen
The Father's love letter Read it here
The Christmas Story The Arrival
God Talks To Job God Answers Job's Questions
Psalm 23 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Do You Know? How to Get To Heaven
Shelter God is our place of safety!

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