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-Rick Walth.

It has been such a long time since I have given an update from Katrina ground zero. The reason is every time I sit down to put into words what God is doing here, I feel that any words I use to try to express the awesomeness of God's presence would only belittle His majesty.

Today God told me to sit down and type and He would say what He wants to say. Five months after coming to Bay St. Louis, MS to pray with people for one week we are still here. We have had the pleasure of being the hands and feet of Jesus in gutting out over 100 homes, praying with thousands, rebuilding some 25 plus homes so far with literally 100's of work orders to complete, having true revival meetings every night in direct relation to New Testament Christianity where people get healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit, saved, converted, fed, clothed, and loved.

God is shaking the tree and all the rotten fruit that is caught up in doctrinal, denominational unbelief with self seeking, self- centered, and prideful motives is falling to the ground to be trampled - but the good fruit of love, compassion, unity, and selflessness is hanging strong with the stem that holds it to the branch gaining strength every day. This is demonstrated by the actions and desires of the volunteers who come to serve and leave totally changed and transformed. They know when they leave that they need to do more than whatever it was they were doing before they came.

When people come here and see all the brokenness and devastation, their hearts break too and they just see the need to do more. Some feel the need to come back with more people, some feel the need to go home and clean out their closets, garages, and storage sheds and give to the needy, and some feel the need to do more at home to help the broken in their own communities

I want to tell you about one volunteer named Redd. Some of you who have been here in the last 9 or so weeks know who he is.

Redd came here from Houston for one reason; to serve his God and to help people. No one I have ever met has more compassion in their heart for people then Redd. Redd is remarkable, you see he was a paraplegic. He had no feeling from his waist down since he got shot in the spine 13 years ago. There is no job he cannot do.

He gets out of his wheel chair and crawls around hanging dry wall, scrubbing floors, mudding and taping dry wall, or just whatever his hands find to do. We have prayed for Redd since he got here that God would have mercy on him and give him his legs back. Redd always says that he is content in the Lord with or without the use of his legs.

A few weeks ago the Spirit of God touched Redd and he started getting feeling back in his lower section and in a short period of time he was able to walk a few steps with the use of crutches. This last Saturday God spoke to Redd and told him to "take up his bed and walk". Redd got out of his wheel chair and walked 8 and a half blocks to the beach!! He now is walking everywhere he goes rejoicing in the Lord.

This is just one of many physical healing we have seen here - such as diabetes being completely cured, the blind seeing, allergies cured, cancer cured, and high blood pressure completely taken away. Why is this happening here? Because people come here to give and not receive. This is the most pleasing attitude we can have for God.

Source: http://www.revivalschool.com