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Level 1 - Understanding Your New Life
new life who am I? why did Jesus come?
reading the Bible prayer living as a Christian
who is the Holy Spirit? background to the bible Christian jargon explained
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Level 2 - Sharing It With Others
how to tell your story how can I explain to others they need Jesus? why is Jesus good news?
Level 3 - Moving On In Your New Life
set free in Jesus! things to come walking in Jesus
is the bible reliable? good news for your children too! countefeit Christianity !
signs and wonders - how to avoid spiritual deception questions, questions, questions... a vision of the lost  
Level 4 - Answers To Questions Non-Christians May Ask You
FAQ master list of questions others ask FAQ - how can you prove that God exists? FAQ - isn't all truth equally valid
FAQ - has Christianity got it wrong? FAQ - why doesn't God stop suffering? FAQ - is Jesus the only way to God?
FAQ - can I get to Heaven by good deeds? FAQ - how does anyone get to Heaven? FAQ - how can you believe in the resurrection of Jesus?
FAQ - why is Jesus good news? FAQ - so what was special about Jesus? FAQ - what is a Christian?
FAQ - doesn't science contradict the bible?
Level 5 - Testimonies, Links And Other Encouragement
Sue's story links to other resources for you revive the fire!
20 Flash Videos what we believe teen Flash and links
contributions Presentation - Knowing God Personally Presentation - You Are Someone Special
cartoons to challenge and encourage retirement with a purpose - spiritual growth am I a good person?
(a challenge to non-Christians)
looking for god  what's new on our site?   web evangelism guide
howard pittman's testimony heaven and hell
Level 6 - Audio Downloads
audio download page
Church Resources Page
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