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Prophetic Word To The Church In The UK
:: word given 26th October 2008 ::


You, my Church are the custodians of this land. I have given you the keys to unlock this nation from its bondage. This is a great responsibility as well as a great joy. NOW is the time to prepare. NOW is the time, like Noah, to listen to my voice, even though England is unaware of the great trauma that is ahead. NOW is the time to plan. How is My Church going to save the widows and orphans, the elderly and infirm? How will you put to work the hands of the unemployed and feed the refugee?

I am poised to glorify Myself through My Church in this land. I am ready to do great wonders and miracles through My People. The high of this nation are going to be brought low. My Church will become the rock on to which people cling in the storm. I will be among you; My Presence will be strong. Those who consider themselves the lowest of the low, like Gideon, will achieve great things through Me.

You MUST prepare, do not be caught unaware. The judgement I am sending upon this country will be lessened because of you. Through you, I am answering the prayers of those who have gone before. Do not lie idle or you will not see my power. Fast and pray, seek My face. Prepare and plan. What are you going to do for the broken hearted, the children, the fatherless? How are you going to feed the hungry and clothe those who are naked? When all is crumbling away, the people of this land will see My Church is still solid, and still faithful to Me. My Name will be glorified, My Holy Spirit will be let loose to work in the hearts of millions.

But time is slipping away, My Church. You must understand this is no word to cheer you up. Now is the time for urgent action, there is not long before the storm will hit and I do not want My People to be found wanting. Start looking outwards from your base. I will reveal the needs of your communities and you will meet those needs in My Strength. I will not abandon you in this time of trial. I will not leave you without resources. The time is coming when there will the nothing to rely upon but Me. George Muller understood this. Did I leave My Children to wander in the desert for 40 years without feeding them? You are My Children; keep your eyes fixed upon Me. The challenges I am sending you are hard, but I will give you strength and you will shine out in the darkness that is to fall, as beacons of hope. Those who are lost will come to you.

You must work alongside those of my people who worship in different buildings. Pool your resources, share your skills and knowledge. Do not let historic differences come between you, for this will hinder you in meeting the needs of the suffering. For I am the God of the poor and the lowly, and you will need to be united to meet their needs.

Leaders, I have bestowed upon you skills and knowledge; I will send you my people to carry out my will and the finances to do so. The work is not just yours; many hands are needed to carry out the work you all have to do. I will provide. I will not see My Children put to shame when they are eager to do My Will. You will see how I will provide and be amazed!

Now is the time to get ready, like a soldier going into battle, an army going to war. Have everything to hand so that when the enemy strikes you are not crushed. I am and will be all that you need. Seek after my wisdom, bring to Me your requests and I will answer them beyond your wildest imaginings.

Source: Lizzie Manley

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