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Susan Howard's Personal Testimony

photo of susan howard 

It was over a decade ago, back in 1994 when I called the 700 Club, and gave my life to the Lord. Years before, I had suffered post traumatic stress disorder after living through two armed robberies, while working at a Jewelry store. I witnessed my boss getting shot in the head. It is difficult to express the fear you experience during something like that. I suffered nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, and depression.

It would take me years of working hard to over come the devastation of the robberies. I also found out my husband at the time was having an affair. I remember the day he told me he was in love with another woman. I blamed myself because I was a mess from the robberies. The heartbreak I felt was just overwhelming. After years of trying to save my marriage, the marriage ended in divorce. I was left in a terrible emotional, and financial situation losing our home to foreclosure, after he filed bankruptcy. I didn’t know how I could ever repay the debt occurred. That was when I called the 700 Club and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I just couldn’t carry my burden any longer. The woman on the phone gave me a few bible verses to read one of them was. ISAIAH 41:7

The verse reads: "So the carpenter encourages the goldsmith and he that smootheth with the hammer him that smote the anvil saying, It is ready for soldering and he fastened with nails, that it should not be moved."

After reading that verse, I just sobbed. I didn’t tell the woman from the 700 Club that I was a goldsmith. I felt as if God was speaking directly to me! As if he said Susan I know you, I heard you, and I am with you. Soon after that faithful call, I landed a great paying goldsmith job, and in time was able to pay off my debt. Shortly after that I met my wonderful husband Shawn, and fell in love. We have been married for ten years, and have three beautiful daughters, Hannah, Rebecca, and Sarah. Although my life has up’s and downs like every ones. Through my faith, I can over come all things.

I feel led by God to design my line of jewelry called Comfort Wear Jewelry™. All of my jewelry expresses God’s grace and love. The purpose of my jewelry is to help bring hope and a little comfort to people suffering through difficult time in their lives. I sure know what it feels like to go through difficulties in life. I am hopeful that others will be lead to call upon the name of the Lord by me sharing my story!

So if you ask me today, what was God telling me in the Verse ISAIAH 41:7 I will tell you that JESUS the carpenter, has been encouraging me the goldsmith ever since the day I gave my life to him.

God Bless,


( Susan's website is www.comfortwearjewelry.com and her jewelry is designed to help bring the comfort of the Lord to people suffering through difficulties. Some of the profits go to help Christian missions. )