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1. SPIRITUAL GIFTS and PASSION ASSESSMENT two pdf downloads for you to complete and discover your personal giftings and passions for the Kingdom of God

2. ALPHA COURSE VIDEOS (links to all) added

3. Laura Maxwell's Life as a Spiritualist added

4. LD's story Her life of abuse ended when she met Jesus

5. ABORTION. Rev Dr CLifford Hill was warned by God of the spiritual dangers of abortion and of the need for those who had abortions to get right with God before they die. Listen to his message here

6. Milk from Nothing? Watch this 3 minute video:

7. Deceived by the lies of the New Age movement - read Rose's story

8. How many points do I need to get into Heaven? - check it out here!

9. Church Leaders Page - Preparing For a Large Influx of New Believers When The Spirit Comes in Power

10. Kayla was a professional psychic for five years, then her life began to unravel - My testimony of meeting Jesus Christ

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