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Boys and girls, like grown-ups, don't always please God. When you are unkind, get angry, call someone names or tell a lie, this makes God very sad. All boys and girls do things that make God sad. As well as making God sad, the bad things you do make it hard for you to go to Heaven. God calls the bad things you do "sins".

One day God wants you to be with him in Heaven. Heaven is the place where Jesus, God's special son, lives with all his friends, grown-ups and children too. It is the happiest place there is, because in Heaven no-one is ever sad or cries for any reason. Everyone in Heaven is happy and loves each other.

Jesus wants you to be his friend. He wants to help you to be good and kind. He also wants to forgive you for all the unkind words you've spoken, the times you got angry and the lies you have told. All these bad things - called sins - God wants to forgive you for. But God doesn't make you do anything you don't want to do. He wants you to choose for yourself.

God says you can choose to keep your sins, and stay a bad person, or you can ask him to take them away. Because Jesus is God's special son he is able to take away all your sins and make you into a brand new person. When Jesus takes your sins away he also books a place for you in Heaven, God's place of happiness.

Think about all this carefully. Read about Jesus in the Bible and talk about all this with Mummy or Daddy. If you decide you want Jesus to take way your sins, then say a special prayer to him, out loud, just like this one:

"Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I've done wrong things - called sins - which have made God sad. I am truly sorry for this. I want to be your friend from now on. I know you are able to take away from me all my sins and help me live a new and better life. I ask you now to forgive my sins and come in to my life and show me how to live your way. I know that one day I will be with you in Heaven where all your friends live.

Thank you for hearing me and answering this prayer. Thank you that you are now my friend who loves me and helps me to be good.


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