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Questions, questions, questions........

As a new Christian, have you ever asked yourself questions like these:

  1. If God is in control, does that mean it doesnít matter what decisions I take?
  2. I know I have free will, but donít Godís purposes always prevail anyway?
  3. Do my prayers make a difference, or would God have intervened anyway?
  4. If I pray for my childrenís protection, will it make a difference or would they be just as likely to get raped or murdered anyway?
  5. Is our fate and destiny pre-determined by God?
  6. God has saved some of the members of my family. Would they have been saved if I hadnít prayed for them?

These are questions that many theologians have wondered about over the centuries.

So - should we spend our time wondering about the answers or leave it to God?

One lady approached us recently asking these very questions, at the same time expressing her concern that "God doesnít speak to me". The reply we gave suggested she should not give these questions very much thought. There are some questions that we will never get answers to - this side of Heaven. God wants us instead to turn our attention to the matters He considers more important Ė our relationship with Him and the outworking of that relationship in our daily dealings with "our neighbour".

After replying as above to the lady in question she responded as follows:

"I was sharing my thoughts on prayer with a Christian friend and he had a picture from God for me which really spoke to me. He could see me at the edge of the road trying to cross. If I decided to cross the road when there was a bus coming, I would get run over. The end of my life on earth. If I decided to cross after the bus had gone past then I live. It's my choice, my decision. God said don't get hung up on predestiny, focus your eyes on Me.

I hadn't shared my thoughts on things being predestined so I knew that God had spoken. And here was me moaning that God didn't speak to me!"

(Our thanks to "the lady in question" for agreeing to make this dialogue available for publication on this website, with a view to helping others).


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