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Links To Other Resources For New Christians
Growing in Christ
- discipleship resource
Authentic Walk
- a free e-mail discipleship course
- discipleship for young people
Faith Start
- help to grow in your faith
- grow as a Christian
- encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity
Global Reach
- a wide range of downloadable materials
10 Basic Steps
- steps to Christian maturity
watch this space!
Rejesus - download the gospels free
- complete with intros to help you
On-line Bible Dictionary
- look up the meaning of Bible words
Interactive Discipleship Course
Tony Campolo's great audio talks -listen online.
Start with "Commitment - Getting Beyond Good Intentions"
4 minute audio summaries of each book of the Bible   Discipleship Library Online  
100 servant outreach ideas   10 action steps for a new Christian  Following Jesus - written in easy English  
Christians in Sport - help in sharing your faith Reality of the demonic Easy English Bible
Study The Basics   strategic digital outreach just for catholics
The Resurrection of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu 100s of good, free, sermon downloads   Zoecarnate.com Christian Portal
The School of Christ free Bible study software
Christians At Work the origin of church denominations Bible words pronounciation guide
awaiting new content here Bible study links 72 x 15minute audio basic Christian teachings
Topical Bible Studies (mp3) Free online book "A Good Foundation" Audio teaching on every book of the Bible (mp3)
Getting Started In The Christian Life Providing free accountability software that allows you to be transparent to your accountability partner(s) What is the Gospel?
Christian Goth God's Yellow Pages
(Help from the Bible)
Holiness UK
watch this space! Online books to read free Bible Map resource
When was Jesus born? Online Discipleship Course Lord's Prayer Words
Prayerscapes Call To Prayer (Revival) Bible On One Page
Foundations 21 Embrace The Cross Discipleship Course Help For New Believers